A commitment to student success

Picture yourself as an incoming first-year student, eagerly awaiting fall semester at Herron School of Art and Design.

It's been your life's dream to start your education, graduate, and move into the creative job market. You are the first family member to attend college and are excited to be living in a city that is exponentially larger than your hometown. You have worked diligently to ensure that your financial resources are in place, and a part-time job is waiting for you in Indianapolis. You can imagine all the wonderful possibilities ahead of you!

The COVID-19 pandemic hits the world abruptly and causes the part-time job to be canceled indefinitely. You know that this loss of income will affect your ability to purchase the books, art supplies, and materials needed for your first year of study. You are now faced with a difficult decision to attend college as planned.

In other scenarios, imagine a parent becoming ill, leaving a student to pay for their own tuition, or that the pandemic creates an increased demand for mental health services and causes a shift in a student's financial resources.

These are but a few examples of how Herron's General Scholarship Fund can contribute to the success of its nearly 700 students. The fund, created over time by generous donors, alumni, faculty and staff, is a valuable resource for students who may need that extra boost to continue their studies.

Ensuring student success at Herron is a top priority. Herron students have an average unmet need of $4,605. In addition, almost 40% of our students are eligible for the Pell Grant and the percentage of those working is one of the highest on campus. While IUPUI and Herron have a strong track record of providing tuition remission and donor-created scholarships, many unforeseen circumstances often have a negative impact on students' educational journeys. This is where Herron's General Scholarship Fund helps the most, especially in these uncertain times.

Today, please consider donating to Herron's General Scholarship Fund to support aspiring artists, designers, art therapists, educators and historians as they achieve their creative and educational goals. All gifts will make a difference.

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