Electives for Non-Art Majors

Take studio arts electives

All IUPUI students may enroll in Herron’s elective classes to pursue creative interests while completing arts and humanities requirements.

The basic objective is to provide a studio experience to those who do not wish to pursue a degree in visual arts. Introductory courses on a variety of topics are offered each semester.

Generally, these courses require no or modest prerequisites. They develop a student's appreciation for the visual arts through drawing, painting, photography, ceramics and more. They providing hands-on experiences that develop critical thinking, cultural understanding and, ultimately, prepare individuals to be visually literate citizens.

Whether for personal enrichment or as a required component of a major outside Herron, Elective Arts students develop artistic skills and gain a keen understanding of aesthetics through their own creations.

You must be a current IUPUI student to enroll in a Herron elective. Tuition and lab fees apply.

For the most up-to-date listing of arts and humanities elective courses available at Herron, visit the IU Course Search tool. Elective courses will be listed as "HER-E" under IUPUI-Indianapolis.

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