Dean’s Advisory Board

A board for insight and advocacy

Members of the Dean’s Advisory Board offer their insights on immediate goals and long-term planning for Herron. They also serve as advocates for Herron within their communities.

In addition to attending meetings throughout the year, board members are expected to attend events and support the John Herron Society, the school’s leadership giving group whose gifts sustain Herron’s newest initiatives and greatest needs.

Up to 22 community members are chosen for the Dean’s Advisory Board each year for their outstanding professional or personal affiliations and accomplishments. Each member brings a unique background and perspective to the board.

2016–2017 Dean’s Advisory Board

Board members

  • Frank M. Basile
  • Cathy Springer-Brown
  • David N. Eskenazi
  • Becky Fehsenfeld
  • Ezra “Zeke” Friedlander
  • Linda Friedlander
  • Don Gummer
  • John David Hoover
  • Craig W. Johnson
  • Louis Jordan
  • John L. Krauss
  • Terry Lingner
  • Dorit Paul
  • Conrad Piccirillo
  • Alice K. Schloss
  • George J. Seybert
  • Yvonne Shaheen
  • Cindy Simon Skjodt
  • Deborah J. Simon
  • Joyce A. Sommers
  • Dennis Sponsel
  • Douglas L. Tillman
  • Margaret R. Watanabe
  • C. Daniel Yates

Honorary board members

  • Jeremy D. Efroymson
  • Sidney D. Eskenazi
  • Jane Fortune
  • Robert R. Hesse
  • June McCormack
  • Myrta Pulliam