Alumni Awards

Honoring the Herron community

The Herron Alumni Association presents three annual awards to honor and recognize individuals whose service, dedication, and achievements have exceptionally contributed to the school.

James Sholly (B.F.A. Visual Communication '87), 2018.

Rachel Meyer Simon (B.F.A. Painting '08), 2016.

Terence Main (B.F.A. Visual Communication '76), 2015.

Steve Mueller (B.F.A. '76), 2014.

Lois Main Templeton (B.F.A. Painting '81), 2013.

Garo Antreasian ('48 in Fine Arts), 2012.

Mike Garber (B.F.A. Visual Communication '97), 2011.

David Bowen (B.F.A. Sculpture '99), 2010.

Leah Traugott ('46 in Painting), 2009.

Lois Davis ('47 in Painting), 2008.


All part-time, adjunct, and full-time faculty are eligible to receive the Harry A. Davis Faculty Award. Candidates are eligible for nomination in successive years.

Nomination criteria

The Harry A. Davis Faculty Award is intended for individuals who are recognized by students as having made truly extraordinary contributions to their educational experience. The emphasis in selection of award recipients is on out-of-class mentoring as well as in-class teaching at Herron. Nominations should speak to the candidate's unique service to students.

Nomination process

Part-time and full-time students currently enrolled in Herron may serve as a nominator. Be sure to include a nomination letter (copy/paste the content into the online form) summarizing why the candidate being nominated has made such a distinctive contribution. Examples should show involvement with students beyond the normal and expected requirements of a candidate's faculty position.

Selection committee

The committee is comprised of members of the Herron Alumni Association's Board of Directors.

Award presentation

The award recipient is honored at a special event and his or her name is placed on permanent display on a plaque in Eskenazi Hall.

Marc Jacobson, 2018.

Eric Norgulen, 2017.

Paula Differding, 2016.

Meredith Setser, 2015.

Benjamin Martinkus, 2014.

Patrick Kinsman, 2013.

Cindy Borgman, 2012.

Greg Hull, 2011.

Linda Adele Goodine, 2010.

Brian Myers, 2009.

Richard Nickolson, 2008.

Linda Adele Goodine, 2007.

Harry A. Davis earned his B.F.A. from Herron in 1938, the same year he won the Prix de Rome in painting. In 1941, he was named Artist-in-residence at Beloit College, Wisconsin. After enlisting in the Army in 1942, Davis designed camouflage in North Africa and, in 1944, became a combat artist with the Fifth Army Historical unit in Italy. The drawings and paintings completed during this time are property of the War Department at the Pentagon.

Davis's studio was located in Brownsburg, Indiana, until 1960. At that time, he began an ongoing series of paintings of landmarks that interested him and has since completed over 500 of these paintings.

For 37 years, he taught drawing and painting at Herron and was proclaimed Professor Emeritus. In 1971, the school recognized his 25th year of teaching with a stipend from the Milliken Fund for research in England.

For the Indiana Sesquicentennial in 1972, Davis presented an exhibition, "My City," in the Galleries at Herron. A sabbatical in 1975 enabled him to paint in Southern Indiana for his exhibition "A Segment of the Historic Ohio River Valley" as part of the U.S. Bicentennial celebration in 1976.

For a traveling show in 1983, "Here and There; The Italian Influence," Davis compared buildings of Indiana to those of Italy. Because of his fascination with Hoosier architecture, he received the Sandi Servaas Memorial Award from Historic Landmarks of Indiana.

Harry Davis, a lifetime member of the Herron Alumni Association, passed away in February 2006 at the age of 91.

Melissa Cardenas (B.F.A. Visual Communication Design '18), 2018.

Olivia MacIsaac (B.A. Art History '17), 2017.

Mary McClung (B.F.A. Photography '16), 2016.

Lynnette Sauer (B.F.A. Painting '16), 2015.

Sarah Herbert (B.F.A. Visual Communication Design '14), 2014.

Bethany Knuckles (B.F.A. Painting '13), 2013.

Anthony Reynolds (B.A.E. Art Education '12), 2012.

Jessica Bowman (B.F.A. Photography '11), 2011.

Christine Plantenga (B.F.A. Painting '10), 2010.

Nina Danette Alles (B.F.A. Ceramics '09), 2009.

Lisa Kleindorfer (B.F.A. Ceramics '08), 2008.

Jennifer Baltz (B.F.A. Visual Communication '07), 2007.