Minor in Art


Students in all IUPUI majors except for Fine Arts and Art Education are eligible to pursue an Art minor at Herron. A portfolio is not required for this minor.

Declaring the minor

Students interested in pursuing this minor must submit an online application declaring their intent before taking any courses toward the minor. However, if you have already taken and completed one of the courses listed below, it can satisfy the minor requirements once officially enrolled.

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A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for courses used to fulfill the Art minor requirements.

Not all courses are regularly offered. Students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor to better plan their studies.


Three credits are required. Choose one of the following courses:

  • HER-H 100 Art Appreciation (3 credits)*
  • HER-H 200 Understanding Contemporary Art (3 credits)*
  • HER-H 221 Art Past and Present (3 credits)*
  • HER-V 214 History of Visual Communication (3 credits)§

Six or nine credits are required. Choose two or three of the following courses:

  • HER-E 101 Beginning Drawing I (3 credits)*
  • HER-E 105 Beginning Painting I (3 credits)*
  • HER-E 109 Color and Design Theory (3 credits)*
  • HER-E 111 Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design (3 credits)*
  • HER-E 201 Photography I (3 credits)*

Six or nine credits are required. Choose two or three of the following courses (note the prerequisites):

  • HER-E 102 Beginning Drawing II (3 credits, with E 101 prerequisite)§
  • HER-E 106 Beginning Painting II (3 credits, with E 105 prerequisite)§
  • HER-E 209 Drawing for Interior Design (3 credits)*
  • HER-D 251 Anatomy for Artists (3 credits)§
  • HER-Z 200 The Artist Within (3 credits)
  • HER-G 212 Paper Engineering (3 credits)
  • HER-C 204 Beginning Ceramics, Handbuilding (3 credits)
  • HER-C 206 Beginning Ceramics, Wheel Throwing (3 credits)
  • HER-C 208 Intermediate Wheel Throwing (3 credits, with C 206 prerequisite)
  • HER-E 202 Photography II (3 credits, with E 201 prerequisite)§
  • HER-A 261 Introduction to Computer Imagery I (3 credits)
  • HER-N 208 Integrative Studio Lab Rotating Topics (1.5 credits)
  • HER-E 320 Advanced Concepts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design (3 credits, with E 111 prerequisite)
  • HER-V 308 VCD Design Lab Rotating Topics (1 to 3 credits, some prerequisites may be required)
  • HER-S 201 Sculpture I (3 credits)

* Courses satisfying the IUPUI General Education Core requirement.
† Courses only offered in the fall semester.
§ Courses only offered in the spring semester.


For questions about the Art minor, contact Herron's Office of Admissions and Student Services at (317) 278-9400 or herron4u@iupui.edu.

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