Minor in Graphic Design

Earn a minor in graphic design

The 18-credit hour minor in graphic design provides a focused course of study to develop competencies and a basic understanding of visual communication design and related fields. This is a minor for students who want to learn basic skills, such as typography, visual narrative, print production and web design, in the core fields of applied design. Students also learn about design craftsmanship and excellence in handmade or digital work.

The graphic design minor is intended to serve students who wish to acquire marketable skills complementing their primary degree program, whether in fine arts or in other degree programs outside of Herron.

This minor is not available to students currently pursuing a B.F.A. in visual communication design.

Declaring the minor

Students who wish to pursue this minor must submit an online application declaring their intention before taking any courses. However, if you have already taken and completed one of the courses listed below, the minor requirement may be met once you have officially enrolled.

Apply online


A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for courses used to fulfill requirements for the minor in graphic design.


12 credits required. HER V-301 and V-302 comprise two eight-week sections totaling 3 credit hours and must be taken in the same semester.

  • HER V-211 Typography (3 credits)
  • HER V-311 Type & Image (3 credits, with V-211 prerequisite)
  • HER V-301 Production: Print Design Outcomes (1.5 credits, with V-201 prerequisite)
  • HER V-302 Production: Digital Design Outcomes (1.5 credits, with V-201 prerequisite)
  • HER V-308 VCD Design Labs Rotating Topics (1.5 credits each)*

* Two V-308 courses are required to satisfy the requirement (3 credits total).


Six credits required. Choose from the following:

  • HER K-201 Photography I (3 credits)
  • HER G-203 Silkscreen Printing (3 credits)
  • HER G-206 Bookbinding (3 credits)
  • HER G-208 Letterpress Typesetting (3 credits)
  • HER K-211 Introduction to Electronic Media (3 credits)
  • HER A-205 Introduction to Illustration (3 credits)
  • HER Y-201 Designing for Hybrid Spaces (3 credits)


For questions about minoring in Design Production, contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at (317) 278-9400 or herron4u@iupui.edu.

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