HERRON: How did you find out about the internship?

IDE: My mom is the founder and co-owner of Cornerstone and I have a twin brother who has autism, so I had previously worked with Morgan before on smaller projects during my summer breaks. When I approached her about an internship, she was thrilled to take me on and she is so great to work with! I am very lucky to have had this opportunity and the advantage of already having a relationship with her.

HERRON: What were some of the highlights of your experience?

IDE: I think having such freedom on the projects I worked on was a really great challenge and it has helped me grow as an artist. It not only helped me learn Adobe InDesign and expanded my photography and editing skills but it also helped me gain confidence when presenting my work and collaborating with other staff members.

I also loved being able to capture the kid's portraits because some are challenging or do not understand what I am doing. It's really rewarding when you finally get the shot you've been waiting for. Almost all the kids were very interested in my camera, too, and they loved being able to see their photo on my screen, so I felt like I bonded with the kids.

HERRON: What kinds of valuable or memorable things will you take into the future as a working professional?

IDE: Don't overthink your work or be afraid to present it to people. The marketing meetings we had were extremely beneficial and getting that feedback and the opportunity to work with other people during the creative process definitely helped me grow as an artist/creator.

Also, be confident in yourself! I've always had a lot of doubt about my work – I mean, who doesn't as some point? – but this internship has showed me there is nothing to be scared of and to take any criticism you get and use that to your advantage.