We as educators have the opportunity to influence the culture through our work with young creators. There's no reason, with all this freedom and access, that there shouldn't be more great visible art in the everyday world, rather than less.

HERRON: Outside the classroom, do you have any hidden talents?

ISAAC: I do like cooking. My wife is beginning to convince me I'm pretty good at it. I don't do anything too complicated. I like taking really good ingredients and then carefully avoid ruining them. The right temperature, with a little salt and olive oil, is pretty much how to cook anything. I don't follow recipes. If I'm cooking something new I'll generally read three recipes so that I understand what needs to happen and then I wing it. This is how I approach pretty much everything.

If I don't give myself the opportunity to wing it, I won't have any fun and the outcome will not be interesting. Of course, this can also lead to disasters, but that can be good. If you pay attention to what created the disaster, you'll learn something and the next attempt will be better.

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