Study Abroad

A group of Herron students take a photo in Italy.

Earn credit and experience

Herron’s study abroad programs are led by full-time Herron faculty members during spring break and summer terms. Students earn credits in art history or studio art that easily satisfy degree requirements.

In addition to credits, students leave host countries with an experience of a lifetime. All Herron study abroad programs are designed to expand students’ awareness of art and design issues in an international context, while also deepening their understanding of a foreign culture.

Herron study abroad scholarships

Herron awards an average of $45,000 in scholarships each year for students participating in Herron's study abroad program. Students also can apply for campus-wide scholarships that can be used for any study abroad experience.

IUPUI financial aid and scholarships

The scholarships, grants, and subsidized and unsubsidized loans you receive from Student Financial Assistance for study at IUPUI may be used to pay for study abroad programs.

You may also be eligible for study abroad scholarships through the IUPUI Study Abroad Office.

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