The application for 2017-2018 scholarships is now closed.

Please read all information very carefully. There are important details all applicants must be aware of:

Herron School of Art and Design provides over $200,000 worth of scholarships to current students each year. These scholarships have been made possible through the generous contributions of donors consisting of many corporations, foundations, and a variety of individual supporters of artists pursuing a higher education. Current students have a variety of scholarships available to them with diverse criteria. All scholarship recipients are formally recognized at Herron's Honors and Awards Night each May.

Important Dates

December 1 - The application opens
January 31 - The application closes
February 15 - Recommended completion of FAFSA for the next year
Beginning of March - Scholarship applications are reviewed and allocations begin.
Recipients will be notified of their status shortly after (please be aware that this
process can take some time)
May (TBA) - Recipients recognized during Honors and Awards Night, formal letter distributed
May 15 - Recipients must complete fall course registration, enrolling in classes full-time
June 1 - Scholarships disbursed to recipient's Bursar account for academic year (Fall/Spring)

Important Information About the Scholarship Process

Scholarships are primarily awarded sometime during the summer and applied for the following fall and spring, with the exception of travel-based awards for summer study abroad programs. You cannot rely on this scholarship to cover a bill from spring courses.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be notified via IUPUI email. The committee will keep a record of every email sent and is not responsible for students not receiving their acceptance. Please ensure that you are checking your IUPUI email on a regular basis.

Recipients are required to complete the steps to accept the award as outlined in the email notification. The award may contain further requirements set forth by the donor and these can be completed through the acceptance process. If the steps are not completed your award will be reassigned.

Scholarships are disbursed through the recipient's Bursar account, half in fall and half in spring. Many come through as "Herron General Scholarship", even if your scholarship has a specific name associated with it. If the account has a balance, the Bursar will use scholarship dollars toward that balance. If the account is paid in full, the award will be reimbursed to you via the Bursar Office and sent to your official address in the IUPUI system.

All recipients are required to register for their fall semester courses by May 15th. The scholarships administration will check each recipient's enrollment status after this deadline. Recipients must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits at a full-time status. If you are not registered by the time the award needs to be distributed, we will need to reassign it.

Criteria for Eligibility

Eligibility varies for each scholarship. Criteria may include GPA, major, residency, financial need, or other factors. While most scholarships require a 3.0 GPA, others do not. Do not assume that you will receive a scholarship by attaining a certain GPA. Similarly, do not count yourself out for a scholarship if you have not achieved a certain GPA.

PLEASE NOTE: Spring GPAs of all recipients will be checked once grades are disbursed. If a student receives a scholarship with a specific GPA requirement and that requirement is not met at the conclusion of the spring semester, the scholarship will be revoked.

Financial Need

Herron has many donor scholarships intended to serve those who have demonstrated financial need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ( In order to qualify for need-based scholarships, students must have submitted their FAFSA by the January 30th scholarship application deadline and have documented need for the following academic year. Financial records will be provided to the Scholarships Committee by the IUPUI Office of Financial Student Services in order for the committee to verify that need is accurate.

Application Sections

1. Demographic Information
2. Enrollment and High School Information
3. Artistic Portfolio or Writing Sample uploads
4. Personal Statement and Financial Statement

Before you begin, log into and pull up your Student Center. That will allow you to easily answer some of the questions.

You cannot save your application and come back to finish. You may, however, open and review prior to completing it to get an idea of what is expected.