As the child of a German father and a Greek mother, I learned early in life to appreciate the cultural and artistic heritage of both my parents. My own artwork was undoubtedly inspired by the rich patterns and colors of Greek Byzantine art practices. I also grew up in farmlands on the far northeast side of Indianapolis, where many of my playmates were children of refugee families fleeing the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust. I learned valuable life lessons because of their diverse backgrounds.

At Herron, we have a culturally diverse faculty and student body. I hope that I have helped to build a genuine camaraderie among them and let them know that I respect them individually and their cultural heritages. And I hope that any legacy I have created goes beyond teaching valuable and practical skills that are essential to professional careers in the visual arts, but that I have imparted a broad love of learning about the amazing and beautiful universe in which we live. I hope my legacy will be one of inspiring students to embrace life with enthusiasm, conviction, ambition, and positivity.