Meet Jessica Gendron, Herron's new admissions counselor

Jessica Gendron, a Herron alumna, recently joined our Office of Admissions and Students Services as the new admissions counselor. In this role, Gendron will support all aspects of undergraduate and graduate recruiting and help students navigate the college decision-making process.

Gendron received her B.F.A. in printmaking from Herron in 2017 and just finished her M.F.A. at the IU Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture, and Design in Bloomington. During her time at Herron, she was very involved in school activities and in the community as a whole, which means she is an excellent resource for all things related to Herron and the IUPUI campus.

Nothing compares to first-hand experience, so we asked Gendron to answer five questions so that you can get to know her and feel comfortable reaching out.

HERRON: What interested you about the admissions coordinator role?

GENDRON: I had an incredible experience as a B.F.A. student at Herron, and I became interested in the admissions coordinator position after spending two years teaching as a graduate student at IU Bloomington. I loved interacting with students, and I realized that I wanted to help students find an art community at a school like Herron.

I am excited to introduce and show prospective students a place where they will feel accepted and confident to pursue a degree in art and design.

HERRON: What is your best admissions memory—and why?

GENDRON: I remember coming home as a high school senior who took just two art classes in my entire life and got an acceptance package from IUPUI and Herron by mail. I had hoped I would get in, but I didn't know. When I read the acceptance letter, I felt like I was part of a new community.

HERRON: In what ways can incoming students get the most out of their college experience?

GENDRON: Ask questions and get everything you can out of your instructors; they have so much knowledge and passion. I still bear in mind that rules are just guidelines for making, and to always show up to any art-related events.

HERRON: What's your favorite spot on campus?

GENDRON: As a printmaker, the printmaking studio is hands down my favorite place on campus. Herron has some of the best facilities, but I also really enjoy Caribou Coffee in the IUPUI Campus Center.

HERRON: What do you love most about Herron?

GENDRON: I have always admired the faculty and staff at Herron and the culture and unity that they have been able to cultivate. Going to school at IUPUI also fueled my enthusiasm for Indianapolis and all that the city has to offer. Herron also values their students above all else, and I am so excited to return to Herron in this role.

If you have any questions about Herron, Jessica is your go-to person and will give you individual attention on your path to IUPUI admission. Get in contact with her by email at