HERRON: How have these experiences helped shape a well-rounded arts education?

HALL: Study abroad is essential to understanding the arts of all ages and cultures. My experiences have added depth to my understanding of why I paint and find fulfillment in my artistic life. The excitement of experiencing another culture makes me want to learn, change, and reassess my focus. I try to share my enthusiasm of making the natural and made world my studio, which includes all the world's beautiful places.

HERRON: Several Herron students recently visited your gallery, Villa dell'Artista in historic Woodruff Place, to enjoy your paintings. What would you like to share about that experience?

HALL: Such visits are thrilling, and I welcome any student who wants to visit my gallery and talk about experiences of travel. The group of about 20 students and faculty was lively. I wish I had more time with each student to talk about the importance of journaling. In the future, I would like to see their art.

HERRON: What would you say to a student at Herron who is contemplating study abroad?

HALL: Travel affects all our lives. Don't stop exploring. I encourage all Herron students to keep travel journals to reflect their thoughts and record images that they can create from through their art. I think as we dig deep into the history of Western art, and other cultures, we also read and improve our understanding as an educated person.

Learn more about Hall's paintings, memoir, and gallery at rosannahall.net.