These are stories that have shaped both my character and my career, and they make me laugh while drinking. In all seriousness, though, these memories are truly special because I share them with a network of amazing and talented friends who are working as teachers or administrators (including the world's greatest Student Services team). Herron is a la-la-land where those lucky few can spend their days exchanging ideas, theory, and knowledge about art and design with a diverse group of very hard-working individuals. Apparently, the real world does not spend much time contemplating if Cassius Marcellus Coolidge's "Dogs Playing Poker" painting is the world's greatest painting?

Anyway, I hope some of my rambling has been entertaining and has informed you on why Herron has been and continues to be an asset to Indianapolis. You simply cannot work in the arts and culture industry without having a Herron story. Herron is an epicenter of creative energy and I hope it always will be.

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