In this brief recounting, I can't go in to the details at any length, but a few episodes hint at the generosity of the Chinese people towards us: We (Herron teachers and students) were invited to participate in a practice session with an acrobatic troupe in Beijing. In Hunan, Jeff Dalton and I (Jeff was a ceramics major at Herron at the time; he now teaches at Herron part-time) were invited to play a game of "doubles" table tennis with the president of Hunan Normal University during our week visiting with that university. Jeff had played competitive table tennis (ping pong!) at tournaments in Las Vegas and Detroit. ... Me? I simply swung blindly and counted on uncanny good luck to hit the ball and send it back safely over the net. Our Chinese competitors were, in the end, far superior.

I like to think that our gracious defeat helped, in some small way, to heal the wounds between the two nations. Herron to the rescue!!!

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