As for my clinical work, I have a pretty wide variety of materials available from traditional fine art to craft and even recyclable items. This allows my clients to not be encumbered by fine art materials and to become focused on being able to create without the pressure of the final outcome.

Also, I seek to use materials that engage clients with the body, so whether that is tearing paper, rolling clay, coloring, or carving, each experience engages the body differently. With that, a client is able to receive new information or experience a sensation in the body that can be later processed.

HERRON: Lastly, what are your hidden talents or superpowers?

MISLUK: In January, I became a yoga instructor and have begun to integrate that more into my clinical practice. I LOVE to bake and since everyone eats it, I consider myself good at it. I also spend a good part of summer in my garden, teaching my children about growing food.

As for a superpower, I had a former student tell me, "Your tolerance is legendary," so I'll go with that!