With assist from Herron students IUPUI earns recognition among 'the best in sports and sustainability'

Green Sports Alliance has awarded IUPUI as one of its Environmental Innovators of the Year, recognizing the school’s achievement in transforming the IU Natatorium into the first athletic facility in Indiana to achieve zero waste, and the first host of an Olympic event to attain a zero-waste designation.

Being a zero-waste facility means that by weight, 90 percent of all waste must be recycled or composted. Only 10 percent can be sent to the landfill.

To accomplish this feat, the IUPUI Office of Sustainability partnered with students from “VC4: Facilitating Solutions,” taught by Pamela Napier, an assistant professor in Herron’s visual communication design program. The students conducted an exhaustive, strategic process to design new signage and communication strategies for the zero-waste initiative during spring 2016. 

Learn more about Herron student involvement via the links below.

The Green Sports Alliance will present its sixth annual Environmental Innovators of the Year Award on June 28 at their annual summit in Sacramento, California. The IUPUI Office of Sustainability will be among a dozen organizations receiving the award.