Herron School of Art and Design seniors to create First Friday pop-up gallery in semi-trailers

Herron School of Art and Design painting majors Amy Applegate, Josh Haines, Brian Johnson, Andrey Sichuga, and Shannon White are putting together a pop-up gallery for everyone in Fountain Square come First Friday. When they present GRAND ILLUSIONS in the parking lot of Wildwood Market on May 1, it will be because they not only produced artistic works, but pulled the community together and made something larger happen.

Unconcerned by the unknown, and the audacity of their own plan, they serve as a prime example of why every business could use its own resident artist.

They met in Professor Robert Horvath’s Painting I class and have known from the beginning of their studies that a requirement for graduation would be to produce a senior show.

“Organizing the show has been a lot of work, but overall it has gone smoothly,” said Haines. “We all work well under pressure and have been enjoying the process. We are using pop-up show format because we wanted creative freedom to orchestrate an entire space. Having the show outside allows us to more directly connect with the community, which has been willing and enthusiastic in supporting our event,” Haines continued. “We needed a lot of help to put this show together.”

Perhaps the most surprising sponsor is Celadon Trucking, which agreed early on to loan and deliver multiple semi tractor-trailers to the site. “When the school approached us to participate, we didn’t hesitate to get involved with this one-of-a-kind event,” said Joe Weigel, Celadon’s director of marketing and communication. The company has a long history of supporting the Indianapolis arts community.

The students say a visitor on opening night will find that each one of them has a solo show in his or her own trailer plus a communal area that will feature collaborative and individual performances and a screening of Johnson’s film.

“We are not thinking of the trailers as simply a space to showcase our paintings but as immersive installations. We are thinking of this show not simply as a showcase for our work but as an enveloping experience that makes the viewer a part of the art,” Haines said.

From painting to drawing to installation, they promise, this show will have it.