Frank Mullen M.F.A.

Frank Mullen

M.F.A. Visual Art @thesculptorfrankmullen + Frank Mullen thesis


“Where am I going to find a piece of wood big enough for that?” Lamb of God pointed her nose up at Charlie Gordon, slightly bobbing it, sniffing some delicate, invisible thing.

MAIN CHARACTER: Where am I going to find a piece of wood big enough for that?

AUTHOR: I’ll send someone. Just wait for it.

MAIN CHARACTER: And another thing: you haven’t done such a great job of explaining how the Spectacle relates to the whole Firstness thing. This paper is named after it, and you just dropped it like third period French. If you don’t fix that problem, I’ll fix it myself.

AUTHOR: You can’t do that. You’re a character, and I’m the au—

Charlie Gordon looked at the street dog, the acute right triangle of her body, the Hope of the World, and said, “It must be true that 4thness is the same thing as the Spectacle, and that in this conception of Peircean semiotics, the progression through the states of perception is circular, not linear. In other words, the launching mechanism is the juncture between the lower representation of 4thness, and the upper representation of Firstness. If you can burrow into the Spectacle, let it have you, use it as a Zippo® to set yourself on fire, then you’re headed toward the next thing presented, which is an allegory of objective truth, or automaticity, or transcendence.”

“It seems risky to expect this will work, especially out here on this porch, with all these imaginary distractions.” Charlie Gordon also said that.

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