Kennedy Conner M.F.A.

Kennedy Conner

M.F.A. Visual Art @kennedyconnerart +

It’s Not Me It’s You

With the rise of social media, Instagram in particular, it’s become common practice to question one’s authenticity and the authenticity surrounding online or even in real life interactions. Is this really how this person’s life is? Is this really how YOUR life is? Maybe. And maybe they live and fill multiple roles based on who they are with and what activity they are being a part of. This body of work is a direct commentary on the assumed lack of authenticity we are experiencing today. It questions the authenticity of childhood memories, people’s multiple selves, and my personal authenticity through a feminist lens. The work highlights communication, connection, and the complexity of navigating personal identity in our world today. It invites the viewers to think about their own roles, how they perceive other’s roles, and the interaction between you and others.

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