M.A. and M.F.A. thesis exhibition

The M.A. and M.F.A. thesis exhibition showcases the work of Herron's talented students completing their master's degrees in art therapy, visual art, and visual communication design. This exhibition presents the culminating work of 22 students and showcases examples of installation art, intermedia work, painting, sculpture, and furniture design; user-centric design innovations; and therapeutic uses of the creative process.

Graduating M.A. and M.F.A. students

Brenna Carroll, Bailee Chilman, Heather Davis, Hannah Fox, Kimberly Gottschild, Brittany Hinkle, Shad Igney, Laura King, August Kochanowski, Michael Osheroff, Matt Panfil, Iman Pirzadeh, Johnson Simon, Stephany Stamatis, Jessie Swihart, Casey Tesmer, Courtney Thompson, Ruth Vander Horck, Natasha Vidger, Meaghan Wiggins, Toni Ridgway Woodall, and Dani Yates.

Directions and parking

Find directions to Eskenazi Hall on Google Maps. Eskenazi Hall is accessible via IndyGo lines 10, 37 and 3. Ample bike parking is also available.

Park courtesty of The Great Frame Up in the visitor section of the Sports Complex garage located next to Eskenazi Hall's parking lot. See a gallery attendant for a parking code. Please do not park in the surface lot next to Eskenazi Hall, which is for IU Parking Permit holders only; you may be ticketed as a result.