IU Bicentennial Campaign

For all who believe that art brings us together

Herron School of Art and Design holds great potential to pave the way for our future artists, designers, and scholars. We can create stronger, more cultured communities with an enhanced appreciation for the arts. But we need your help.

With your support, we can fulfill the promise of educating the next generation of leaders in a world that requires a unique combination of creativity, conceptual skills, and technical abilities. We will help artistic expression to flourish, communities to thrive and society to advance.

Your support to Herron during the For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign will advance the visual arts and enrich lives.

You have the power to foster artistic expression in Indianapolis and all over the world. You can launch artists and designers who will improve business and elevate culture. You can commission creative work that lifts society and leads us to a more beautiful tomorrow.

Herron’s four Bicentennial goals

For all who inspire the future

To fully realize their talents and potential, the creative visionaries of tomorrow must be inspired by the exceptional artists, designers, and teachers of today.

We must help these students follow their passion by giving them access to world-renowned faculty members. These expert educators merge new technologies with traditional practices to give students fresh, unique perspectives.

Today, as never before, Herron’s continued excellence depends on our ability to attract the very best professors and support their invaluable work.

By funding endowed professorships and chairs, you enable professors to research and teach through innovative exploration and entrepreneurship. You support collaborative, interdisciplinary work that inspires creativity and links to discovery.

Endowed professorships start at a minimum of $500,000, can be pledged over multiple years, and qualify for the new matching program—thus doubling the impact of your gift in perpetuity. Ask about the opportunity to receive matching dollars for creating a fund to endow the positions of the dean and the Herron gallery director.

For all who shape culture

Students come to Herron with big dreams and budding talent. They see a future in the arts, and they hunger for an opportunity to share their vision with the world. Imagine what we could inspire in these studenets as we encourage them to dream bigger and expand their horizons.

Together, we can provide outstanding facilities and unique learning opportunities that will empower our students to do work that is captivating and revolutionary.

World-class education comes at a cost. And even for the best and brightest students, that cost is often out of reach.

Merit-based financial assistance is one of the most powerful tools we have to attract these aspiring artists and designers to Herron and to give them the instruction they desire and deserve. When you join us in building student support, you create more opportunities for deserving, talented students to gain access to a Herron education. You can further assist them by funding honors programs, mentorship programs, and career services that help them find their place in the world.

Endowed scholarships start at a minimum of $25,000 and can be pledged over multiple years. Minimum endowment gifts of $50,000 for scholarships qualify for the new matching program—thus doubling the impact of your gift in perpetuity! Herron faculty, staff and retirees can establish an endowed fun with a minimum of $25,000 and are eligible for the matching program.

For all who enrich our community

We have a vision for a more creative Indiana. For a place where the arts thrive and ideas and innovations are highly valued.

To realize this vision, we must continue to contribute to the fabric of Indiana communities and beyond. We must create the spaces and the programs where our citizens are encouraged to explore the arts, inspired to create, and challenged to dream bigger.

Community engagement and outreach programs allow our students to share and refine their creative skills in real-world settings, benefiting our community and equipping tomorrow’s artists and designers with the experience they need to influence the world.

At Herron’s Basile Center for Art, Design, and Public Life, we draw on our unique location in the heart of Indianapolis to strengthen our city’s cultural vitality. There, we give students real-world opportunities and experience, creating commissioned works of art and design for clients and community partners.

However, sustaining quality gallery exhibitions, visiting artists programs and other forms of community engagement requires substantial funding. Your support will help these programs flourish, allowing even more students and citizens to benefit from vital outreach and enriching cultural experiences.

For all who advance the arts worldwide

Our nation’s future may very well depend on our ability to understand and appreciate the various cultures around us. At Herron School of Art and Design, we’re preparing our students to be creative leaders and cultural ambassadors in a diverse and highly connected world.

International experiences open our students’ eyes to new cultures, new ideas, and new opportunities for collaboration as they share our legacy around the globe.

Study abroad experiences may require substantial financial resources; and for many Herron students, financial need is a steep barrier to studying abroad. Your support of international study and exchange will allow more Herron students to gain the intercultural perspectives and skills they need to carry creative expression and scholarly work across borders, meet today’s global challenges, and create a brighter future for all.

Endowed scholarships start at a minimum of $50,000 and qualify for the matching program, thus doubling the impact of your gift in perpetuity.

Your gift may be eligible for the new matching program

If you choose to support an undergraduate scholarship, graduate fellowship, or endowed faculty position—or if you are a current or former IU faculty or staff member—your gift could qualify for the IU Bicentennial Campaign Matching Program. The match exists in perpetuity. Contact Kim Hodges at kshodges@iupui.edu or 317-278-9472 to learn more.

Support Herron’s Bicentennial goals