Berkshire, Reese and Paul Galleries

Graduate Thesis Exhibition

Nov. 4, 2020 – Jan. 16, 2021

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The Graduate Thesis Exhibition presents the multidisciplinary works of six emerging visual artists from the school's Master of Fine Arts 2020 graduating class, representing the culmination of their two-year academic experience. Participating artists are Kennedy Conner, Frank Mullen, Hailey Potts, Adam Rathbun, Sarah Strong and Denise Rolland Troyer.

  • Conner questions authenticity of persona in an age of social media through a feminist lens. The work featured here highlights communication, connection, and the complexity of navigating personal identity in our world today in three, large-scale installations.
  • A self-described architect, forensic investigator, third-world volunteer, writer, artist, teacher, Mullen presents his conception of "4thness" through allegorical fiction and a large, four-part monolithic sculpture.
  • Mining the internet as inspiration, the aesthetics of social media, and the psychology of color and synesthesia, Potts's photographs search for an intangible connection with others by bringing emotions to life in a dream-like place.
  • Using found objects with a fetishized façade, Rathbun's work explores the folding of time between the 1950s and the present, the absurdities of the structures of the American dream, and how these very ideas are the downfall of the American dream. His installation at Herron include three, large-scale photographs and a short film.
  • Strong creates environments and sculptures using handmade paper and natural materials. Her thesis, Koininia, and the name of the featured installation, bears witness to the natural world as a gateway to sacred relationships.
  • Through her ceramic installations, Rolland Troyer contemplates the similarities shared between the seemingly dichotomous concepts of nature, humanness, and concepts focused on the past, presence, future, and absence. Her work explores how things may evolve in the future in order to stress how the decisions we make today impact the environment.

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