Classes Grades 9-12

Saturday School classes for high school students

High school Saturday School students are creative, determined, and eager to learn how to study the arts in a university setting.

Aspiring artists who attend Saturday School come to improve their skills by learning new fine arts and design concepts, techniques, and technologies. They are eager and talented, and they tell us they want to “improve skills and meet other artists.”

Herron’s alternative studio lessons introduce students to concepts and methods that will help them pursue their creative goals.

Saturday School spring semester

  • Dates: Saturdays, February 25–April 15, 2017
  • Times: 1–4 p.m.

Honors Studio

Designed for aspiring artists eager to learn a variety of methods and materials and work intensely on projects that explore new ideas and concepts in art. Lessons are thought provoking and will inspire you to think about your art in the ways that university art students are called upon to do. Thinking, making, and talking about art are keys to taking your creativity to the next level.

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Tuition and scholarships

Tuition is $190 per class and includes all materials. Scholarships are available for students who qualify. A teacher’s recommendation is required.

Enrollment begins December 1, 2016