B.F.A in Sculpture

Earn a B.F.A. in Sculpture

From the first three-dimensional experience through the fourth year of advanced work, Herron’s Sculpture program encourages consistent growth. The multimedia fabrication and foundry facilities provide a level of sophisticated technical experience that few, if any, other undergraduate programs can match.

Students get exposure to a wide spectrum of techniques and processes, including metal fabrication, casting, woodcarving, construction, resins, plastics, and stone carving, plus the capacity to work with nontraditional materials. Through a team teaching approach, students are assured a broad base of practical information, critical analysis, and creative discourse.

Graduates of the sculpture program have had the opportunity to investigate all three-dimensional media and are prepared to continue independent development.


This program meets the educational requirements as mandated by the National Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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Plan of study

This overview shows the distribution by category of the 125 credit hours required to complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture degree. For more specific information, refer to the degree map, below.

  • General Education Core Requirements (30 credits, may include H101 and H102)
  • Foundation Studies (20 credits)
  • Art History, Theory and Criticism (15 credits, H101, H102, H103 plus 2 Art History electives)
  • Sculpture Requirements (30 credits)
  • Drawing III and IV (6 credits)
  • Studio Art Electives (21 credits)