Minor in Design Production


A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for courses used to fulfill the Design Production minor requirements.


12 credits required. HER V-301 and V-302 comprise two eight-week sections totaling 3 credit hours and must be taken in the same semester.

  • HER L-210 Design for the Web (3 credits)
  • HER V-211 Typography (3 credits)
  • HER V-311 Type & Image (3 credits, with V-211 prerequisite)
  • HER V-301 Production: Print Design Outcomes (1.5 credits, with V-201 and L-210 prerequisites)
  • HER V-302 Production: Digital Design Outcomes (1.5 credits, with V-201 and L-210 prerequisites)

Six credits required. Choose from the following:

  • HER K-201 Photography I (3 credits)
  • HER G-203 Silkscreen Printing (3 credits)
  • HER G-206 Bookbinding (3 credits)
  • HER G-208 Letterpress Typesetting (3 credits)
  • HER K-211 Introduction to Electronic Media (3 credits)
  • HER A-205 Introduction to Illustration (3 credits)
  • HER Y-201 Designing for Hybrid Spaces (3 credits)


For questions about minoring in Design Production, contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at (317) 278-9400 or herron4u@iupui.edu.

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