Photography & Intermedia

15,000 square feet of photography space

The variety and level of access both graduate and undergraduate students have to facilities and technology makes Herron’s program competitive with the best art and design schools in North America.

Show your work

Herron’s photo facilities include exhibition spaces that host multiple photography exhibitions each year.


  • Introductory and advanced black-and-white silver gelatin printing
  • Non-silver and historical print processes
  • Medium and large format color film developing
  • Analog chromogenic color printing
  • Professional digital workflow capabilities
  • Time-based electronic media
  • Sound and video production
  • Professional medium- and large-format cameras
  • 2 Hasselbad medium format digital backs
  • Portable lighting equipment
  • Digital SLR cameras with HD video capability
  • Digital sound recorders

Potential careers

  • Commercial and freelance photographer
  • Videographer
  • Visual arts educator
  • Photo and visual content editor for online and print media
  • Image archivist
  • Art director
  • Gallery or museum curator


Ben Martinkus

Ben Martinkus

Photography Technician


Mary McClung

Adjunct Instructor

Stefan Petranek

Stefan Petranek

Associate Professor


Hillary Russell

Adjunct Instructor


Justin Walsh

Adjunct Instructor

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