B.F.A. in Furniture Design

Earn a B.F.A. in Furniture Design

Herron School of Art and Design’s rich and stimulating environment inspires aspiring studio art furniture makers. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Furniture Design program is one of the very best in the country, and provides for the full development of designers and makers. Classes are augmented with visiting artists, field trips, student and professional design competitions and shows, and other pertinent professional activities to spur both thinking and making.

Herron’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the high standards of professionalism achieved by its graduates.


This program meets the educational requirements as mandated by the National Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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Plan of study

This is the distribution of the 125 credit hours required to complete the B.F.A. in Furniture Design degree. Please refer to the degree map below for more details.

  • General Education Core (30 credits, may include H101 and H102)
  • Foundation Studies (20 credits)
  • Art Theory, History, and Criticism (15 credits, H101, H012, and H103, plus 2 Art History electives)
  • Furniture Design Requirements (30 credits)
  • Drawing III and Drawing IV (6 credits)
  • Studio Art Electives (21 credits)
  • A Critical Approach to Art (3 credits, J410)
  • English Literature (3 credits)
  • Electives (3 credits)