8,000 square feet devoted to ceramics

Ceramics students have access to a full glaze lab, a pit firing area, and five different types of kilns. Graduate students have their own studios and dedicated wheels.

Think outside the kiln

Ceramics students also have opportunities to explore glasswork, screenprinting image transfer, and 3-D printing.


  • Complete glaze lab
  • Pit firing area
  • Clay mixing and storage areas
  • Mold making and casting areas
  • Electric kilns
  • Electric test kilns
  • Downdraft gas kilns
  • Atmospheric (soda) downdraft kiln
  • Gas fired raku kilns

Potential careers

  • Visual artist
  • Art teacher
  • Production potter
  • Production designer
  • Gallerist


Lesley Baker

Lesley Baker

Associate Professor

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

Ceramics Technician

Corey Jefferson

Corey Jefferson

Senior Lecturer


Matthew Katz

Adjunct Instructor

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