B.A. in Art History

Earn a B.A. in Art History

Whether they are traveling internationally for scholarly study or roaming the excellent museums of Indianapolis, students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Art History degree at Herron explore perspectives from a range of disciplines in the arts and sciences. Led by passionate faculty, they are thinking about art historical traditions of their own and other cultures, and the relationships between art, social, and cultural contexts across history and throughout the world. Students of art history develop keen visual literacy and communications skills to apply in a variety of settings.


This program meets the educational requirements as mandated by the National Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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Plan of study

  • General Education Core Requirements (30 Credits, may include H101 and H102, and H113, H114, H108, and H109)
  • Art History (36 Credits, including H101 and H102)
  • Elective Courses (18 Credits minimum)
  • Additional General Education Requirements for the Art History Degree (45 Credits)
    • First Year Seminar (1 Credit)
    • English W270 Argumentative Writing (3 Credits)
    • Foreign Language (8 Credits)
    • Life and Physical Science (3 Credits)
    • History (6 Credits, may include General Education History Courses)
    • Arts and Humanities (6 Credits)
    • Social and Behavioral Science (3 Credits)
    • Studio Art (6 Credits)
    • Advanced Electives at the 300 or 400 Level (9 Credits)