Bachelor of Art Education

Earn a B.A.E.

Herron’s Bachelor of Art Education degree program distinguishes itself with thoughtful, contemporary work, invigorating concepts, and community in-school teaching with every methods course.

Art education students are grounded in a curriculum that is rich in art history and culture, art criticism and theory, aesthetics, and studio.


This program meets the educational requirements as mandated by the National Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The Division of Professional Standards within the Indiana Department of Education governs the accreditation of teacher education units.

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Plan of study

To complete the Bachelor of Art Education degree, students must earn a minimum of 125 credit hours. This program meets the requirements of the Division of Professional Standards within the Indiana Department of Education; students earn an Indiana teaching license.

  • General Education Core Requirements (30 Credits, may include H101 and H102)
  • Foundation Studies (20 Credits)
  • Art History (12 Credits, H101, H102, and H103, plus 1 elective)
  • Drawing III (3 Credits)
  • 3D Studio Electives (6 Credits)
  • Studio Electives (6 Credits)
  • 300 and 400 Level Studio Courses (6 Credits)
  • Art Education and New Media in the 21st Century (3 Credits)
  • Block I (14 Credits, EDUC M322, M403, L441, and HER M371)
  • Block II (13 Credits, EDUC S240, K306, M404, HER M472, M311, and M400)
  • Block III (3 Credits for both HER M473 and M401)
  • Block IV (15 Credits, including student teaching and Educ M482)

Add a B.F.A.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree concurrent with the Bachelor of Art Education degree provides an even stronger studio art foundation for K–12 art teachers. Students who double major in art education and fine arts may feel more confident in pursuing an All-Grade Indiana Teachers License in Art. Obtaining the B.F.A. degree requires additional time and coursework. The specifics are tailored on a case-by-case basis, determined by individual interests and course requirements.

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