Gurkan Maruf Mihci has his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree at Bilkent University and he continued his studies in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (M.A.) at Sabanci University with the concentration in Audio Visual Noise and Glitch Aesthetics. He has been teaching audiovisual communication design courses since 2009. He had a solo exhibition in Marquis Projects, 2014 and he exhibited his collective and individual audiovisual art and media works in festivals and exhibitions worldwide. He is pursuing his PhD in Design, Technology and Society at Ozyegin University. His research topic focuses on the effects of audiovisual interactive technology designs on education and culture. He is also a member of World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Recent Publications:

“Cinnet: Insanity, Violence and Crisis: Cinnet Exhibition”, Framing Violence: Conflicting Images, Identities, and Discourses, Edited by Prof. Dr. Banu Aybars-Hawks, Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge, UK, 2016, ISBN-10: 1-4438-9948-8

“Effects of Digital Interactive Toys in Kindergarten”, I. International Conference on Innovative Teaching and Technology in Higher Education, ISBN:978-605-9792-04-2

Recent Conferences:

“Using Soundwalk Methodology in Place Branding Projects” The Idea of Place: Space and Culture, Alberta, Canada, May 2017.

“Conspiracy Theory Video Production” The 6th International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society – “Culture and Politics of Conspiracy Theories in Global Conflicts”, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2017.

“Exploration of Sonic Ecology of Derinkuyu Underground City” with Konca Saher,  Invisible Places Conference, Azores, Ponta Delgada, Portugal, April 2017.

“Designing an Interactive Education Toy for Kindergarten Education” Extending Play 3, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, October, 2016.

“Effects of Digital Interactive Toys in Kindergarten” International Conference on Innovative Teaching and Technology in Higher Education, Istanbul, Turkey, June, 2016.

“Title Sequences of Turkish Fantastic Movies, 1960-80” Cinema and Time Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2016.

“Sensory Histories of Place: Derinkuyu Underground City” with Konca Saher, Sensory Histories of Place Conference, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey. April, 2016.

“Exploration of Sonic Ecology of Derinkuyu Underground City in Turkey” with Konca Saher, International Archaeoacoustics Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, November, 2015.

“Film and TV Sound Business and Universities Relations” Moderator at Conference on Cinema and Sound, Istanbul, Turkey, May, 2015.

“Cinnet” The 4th International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society – “Framing Violence: Borders, Conflicts, and Identities”, Istanbul, Turkey, April, 2015.

“Future of Toy Design” Talk at Second Istanbul Design Biennial, Future of Communication Design Panel, Istanbul, Turkey, November, 2014.

Recent Exhibitions:

“ Sound Map Commons Project” with Sesol Collective, Alberta University, Alberta, Canada, May, 2017

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Ship, Artist On Board Project, SUPA, Istanbul, Turkey, December 2016

Akbank Sanat Contemporary Artist Competition Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, July 2015

FILE - Electronic Language Festival, Official Selection Exhibition, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2014

“The One Who the Sea Passes through “ Performance with Solen Kipoz, Cansu Ergin, Port Izmir 3, International Triennial of Contemporary Art, Izmir, Turkey, June, 2014  

Solo Exhibition: “CINNET”, Maquis Projects, Izmir, Turkey, June 2014

Soundscape for a Day Project, Maquis Project, Izmir, Turkey, February 2014

“Your Dream, My Work” Performance with Eser Selen, Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain, 2013

The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2013

Eminent Domain A Exhibition, Maquis Project, Izmir, Turkey, October 2013

“What did you dream last night? Tell me” Performance with Eser Selen for Fluxus Exhibition, Cer Modern, Ankara, Turkey, May 2011

Occupy the Walls, Group Exhibition, AC Institute, New York, USA, December 2011

Streaming Festival, the Hague, the Netherlands, November 2011

Monsters International Art Group Exhibition, Montreal, Canada, 2011

“Vacuum” audiovisual performance with Cem Guney, Hayalbaz-Izmir, Turkey, May 2011

“The Room and The Man”, Play, (Audio Visual Arts) Directed by Mesut Arslan,

   ‘t Arsenaal, Mechelen, Belgium, 2012

   Toneelhuis, Antwerp, Belgium, 2012

   Istanbul International Theathe Festival, Turkey, 2012

   Oyun Atolyesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

   Sahne Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

   Moda Sahnesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014    


Fest Travel, Artists On Train, Eastern Express Project, February, 2017

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Ship, Artist On Board Project, September, 2016