Program Philosophy

You need more than the ability to create a logo or develop a web page to become a successful and professional designer in today’s competitive world.

The Visual Communication Design program at Herron School of Art and Design combines communication and technology with art and business. You learn how to effectively identify and solve meaningful problems using creativity and critical thinking. You discuss relevant theories and undertake real-world practical projects. You invent beautiful and intelligent design concepts that engage, provoke and inspire. You gain valuable experience working collaboratively with artists, designers, writers, research experts, business strategists, and clients in our local and national communities. At Herron School of Art and Design, you grow to become a design leader who uses innovative thinking to improve the quality of business, government and everyday life.

Alumni Highlight

Designing the Future: Putting a Brand on the Community

Isaac Arthur from CODO Design discusses their use of interdisciplinary teamwork during the branding process
Using interdisciplinary teamwork to find that one compelling idea

Cody Fague from CODO Design discusses why they include clients heavily during the branding process
Including clients in the creative process leads to better outcomes

2009 alumni Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague are making their mark on Indianapolis through a downtown design firm called CODO Design. Much of their work is community-based, but that doesn't keep them from developing branding for pubs, restaurants and events.

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