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B.F.A. in Sculpture

Program Philosophy

The B.F.A. in Sculpture is a professional undergraduate degree for students desiring extensive studio experience with an emphasis in Sculpture. Students in the program develop critical thinking skills, refine their intellectual and creative processes, and learn both traditional and contemporary aspects of the sculptor's craft.

Herron's Sculpture Program encourages consistent growth, from the introductory three-dimensional experience through the fourth and final year of advanced work. The multimedia fabrication and foundry facilities provide a level of sophisticated technical experience unique to the undergraduate level.

As sophomores, Sculpture students are introduced to a wide spectrum of techniques and processes, which include metal fabrication, casting, woodcarving, construction, resins, plastics, and stone carving, as wells work in nontraditional materials. Through a team teaching approach, students are exposed to a broad base of practical information, critical analysis, and creative discourse.

As juniors and seniors, students continue investigations and creative pursuits begun in their sophomore year. Juniors and seniors work more independently as they sharpen their individual focus and prepare for graduate school or professional work. Graduates of the sculpture program have had the opportunity to investigate all three-dimensional media and are prepared to continue independent development.