Creativity Classes and Camps for all Ages

paint and pencils

Herron's non-degree offerings are designed for youth and adults to enjoy learning new ways of "thinking and making." From drawing for the first time, to advanced studies in a medium, there's a place for everyone to have fun and become a member of Herron's creative community. Come Create at Herron!

Offerings include:

  • Saturday Art School In Herron's idea labs, youths explore, invent and create the things of their imaginations. Subjects vary and are offered according to age and aptitude — running eight weeks in the spring and fall. For ages 7–17
  • Evenings at Herron Put the day behind you and give yourself time to connect with your creativity. Come meet other "creatives" like you, or bring a friend to enjoy the evening in our studios — running eight weeks in the spring and fall. For adults ages 18 and older.
  • Honors Prep is an introductory program for high school students to build their skills and broaden their exposure to various mediums and methods. Designed as a preparatory experience for Herron’s prestigious Honors Art and Design program — running one week in July. For high school Freshman and Sophomores.
  • Honors Art and Design is a teen summer intensive institute for serious art students to explore the possibilities of campus life at a professional art and design school — running two weeks in June and July. For high school Juniors and Seniors
  • Herron Creativity Camp is where 6–14 year olds will experience a range of creative projects and activities in an environment that sparks the imagination, allows for experimentation and celebrates innovation — all essential skills to acquire for lifetime goal setting and personal achievement. Running four weeks in June and July.
  • Workshops are created for adults to advance their skills in a specialized area of interest — running late spring through early fall. Topics and time commitments vary — For adults 18 and older. May qualify for PGP point accrual. Some workshops are cross-listed with classes earning college credits.

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